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Preparation for Lent - in FPG Mode

Preparation for Lent - in FPG Mode

There are 3 Main Tenets of Lent: fasting, praying, and giving.  When you take a look at these principles of faith, you find Jesus embodied all three during His earthly ministry.  When you read of Jesus' wilderness experience, you see 2 of the precepts clearly: fasting & praying.  He did all of this alone, quietly, in the desert away from the crowds... the people He loved... His earthly support system.  Then when He got through the wilderness, all you read afterwards is how He continued to fast, pray, but most of all GIVE.  


What does the Lord ask of you? That is a powerful question.  But it is one that I find necessary as I enter into the Lenten Season. Why do we fast?  What is its purpose?  I know scholars have answered this question: to put our minds into a heavenly realm of thinking.  One writer spoke it like this: Fasting is saying words like, "I need you! I want you! I long for you! You are my treasure! I want more of you! Oh, for the day when you would return! Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus!" So, we fast to put our minds away from our material lives: food, drink, entertainment, sexual desires, etc. in order to draw closer to our Redeemer during this time. 

So... what will I fast? Well, I think that is a personal question for the person and God to solve.


Jesus has already given the outline for how we should pray.  (Matthew 6:9-13) But during this time, I ask God to show me how, who, and what He wants me to focus. I personally like an intensive approach.  Hezekiah (2 Kings 19, Isaiah 37) had a unique approach that I like.  He spread a letter that he had received on the altar.  I like to journal my thoughts, write God a letter, make a list. But that's just my personal preference.  I recommend individual worship as we are instructed to "work out our own salvation" in Philippians 2. 

So... how will I pray? Again...work that out between you and your God, solemnly and carefully.


I'm not a rich person.  I know I don't have wealth to give.  Does this exclude me from this creed? I think not.  I have time.  I have talent. I have gifts. I have hands and feet.  I have a shoulder on which someone may lean.  Having a lack of material wealth does not mean I do not have a wealth of resources to share. Jesus pointed out in Luke 21 the widow with 2 mites gave more than all the rest. Were her mites more valuable?  Not materially speaking, but spiritually, the manner in which she gave those 2 mites meant more than the coffers of Egypt filled with gold to God. It's not what you give; it's how you give.

So... what and how will I give? I think by this time we all know what we need to do!

Let's get in the FPG Mode!

Let the Journey into the Wilderness Begin!