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Day 1 - Ash Wednesday

And so the journey begins.  I've taken my first few steps.  I think I have my fasting in order; I've also gotten some inspiration as how I should pray.  I'm asking God to show me daily what He would have me give.  

Day 1 - The Miracle of Jesus Birth

After reading the scriptures for today, I encourage you to focus on their message.  Study the meanings of the words.  If you happen to have a Biblical tool (like Olive Tree or Logos) I encourage you to look at some of the deeper Greek meanings of the words used in the text.  Sometimes we can find gems hidden away in those sacred words. Here's something I like to do when I read the Bible: I ask God to allow something special to "jump" out at me.

So... read, pray, and then write your thoughts.  Leave this book behind for your children.  Let them see your innermost thoughts. 

Then... when you are ready, PLEASE share with us!  

Here's my one prevailing thought from this little step in the journey today:

God has allowed me to be here @ this very moment in history.

I want to leave no task unfinished.

I want to complete the miracle He started with my first heartbeat.

Loving My Wilderness Journey