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Day 4 - Saturday

What A Word Is This?

From the moment Jesus started in the synagogue, the people were amazed.  When He delivered the poor man with an unclean spirit, their expressions became: "What A Word Is This?"  

Two quick things to share:

  1. The people said Jesus spoke with authority, not as the scribes... which my brain begs to ask, "So how did the scribes speak?"  
  2. The people used a phrase "What a word is this?"... I love how they could not even describe how powerful Jesus truly was. 

On this 4th Lenten Day, I truly want to be more like Jesus.  

I don't want to have words that could be described "Like the scribes" for sure.

I want to give hope like He gave with my words.

How Would Our Words Be Described By Others?

Do Our Words Heal?