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Day 5 - Monday

Healed to Help

I love this little story.  It's in 3 of the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, & Luke.  There are only a couple of verses in each account.  But the message is clear:

  1. Peter's MIL had a fever and was very sick.
  2. Jesus rebuked the fever; she was healed instantly.
  3. She arose and ministered to the needs of Jesus and the disciples.

That's just a powerful testimony to me.  This is how it spoke to me most: When Jesus heals, moves, or changes my life for the better, I need to get up immediately and do what I can to help others.

We are called to work!  When we get sick, let's have faith for healing, then "get up" and work again.

Also, I'd like to remind us that not all illness comes in the form of a fever. Sickness can come in many forms.

Lord, heal me so I can help!

Help me live a life of ministry to others!