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Day 18 Tuesday - Day 23 - Monday

Jesus had His fair share of "critics." But He did not allow this to keep Him from doing the right thing.  Some of His critics even sought to kill Him simply for His goodness. We have to be willing to take chances when we help others in the Kingdom.  We will not always make friends, but rather, we will likely suffer for our good intentions. But nothing should deter us from building the Kingdom of God. Nothing should keep us from doing what is right.  Jesus always did what was best for others.  I love that about His miracles.  

A Mute Man Healed

A Poor Crippled Healed

5,000 + Fed

Stormy Waters Calmed

As Many As Touched Him Were Healed

Someone Outside The Family Given A Crumb

In each of these miracles, there is a power-packed lesson for each of us to learn. It's up to you and me how we study and use the stories Jesus left for us to better all those around us.  What will we do?