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Day 36 - Tuesday through Day 40 Saturday

The last few days of Lent, 2019

I have finished my 40 journey, and during this time I learned a lot about Jesus and the miracles He performed.  I also learned a lot about myself.  I know that for the remaining part of the year, I won't to do more for the Kingdom. I pray for strength to be the Christian woman that God wants me to be. I pray for vision to see what others around me need from me.  I pray for wisdom to know what actions to take.  

I am so thankful God placed in my heart a long time ago to observe Lent. I am not perfect in my observation of it, but I do love to draw closer to my Savior as well as learn more about myself. I pray for a blessed Easter season for all.  May we all remember the Cross and the Tomb, but most importantly, remember Jesus' Ascension!  All of these acts give us great hope!

Thank you to each of you who purchased the book and took the journey with me! I'd love to hear how your journey changed you own lives!

Happy 2019 Easter!