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Journey Toward the Great Commission

The Great Commission

There are so many scriptural references to the saving of souls. I know that Jesus left each of us with a job to complete. We all have our unique talents and gifts, but at the same time we are all given the same commission... GO YE! 

I often get weird thoughts in my head, and this morning is not different.  I thought about a little children's song I've heard through the years.  It goes something like this:

Children Go Where I Send Thee!

How would I send thee, oh...

I'm gonna send thee 





You get the picture. God sends us in many different ways. Often evangelism is one-to-one.  I think most people want a relationship that is safe.  I feel they seek for someone to share their troubles and their fears. It's kinda hard to do that in a crowd.  So, don't worry if you feel you are small in number. Just remember to reach them... one-by-one. If you feel inadequate because you aren't in a mega-church, don't. God has a way of working in a "still small voice." Don't get sidetracked by looking around you at others.  Stay focused, and watch what God has for you to do. 

Are you ready? Let's get prepared for our journey - toward the Great Commission - toward the saving of souls.